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HR policy of Read Foundation

  1. Staff selection is based on the requirement of the project, qualification and experience; additional weight age will be given for their experience at that time of selection.
  2. There shall be no discrimination on the selection of staff based on caste, CREED, race, Gender and ethnicity. If the project prefers female candidates, preference will be given to female candidate.
  3. All the staffs requirement, vacancies will be published in a leading newspaper in Pudukkottai district and Tamilnadu state.
  4. Vacancies can also be informed to the private employment service centers, social work, through letter etc.
  5. The staff selection committee will be consisting of at least 3 persons as follows;
  6. Executive Director
    External consultant.
    Senior staff
  7. The original certificates of the selected candidates shall not be kept at the Read foundation office. The certificates will be with the candidates only.
  8. Separate office room / toilets available for lady staff for maintaining their privacy.
  9. Salary fixation for the staff based on the project budget and the services of the staff will be automatically.
    Staff of Read foundation is classified into budget staff and project staff. The project staff service expires at the time of the expiry of the project, whereas the budget staff can continue till the retirement.
  10. The retirement age of the staff shall be 65.
  11. The persons below to the age of 20 are not allowed to be for any staff position in Read foundation.
  12. The staffs are allowed to take one day casual leave for every month which can be accumulated for the use within the calendar year.
  13. The financial year of Read foundation is from April 1 to March 31st every year.
  14. Government guidelines will be strictly followed and submit income tax returns, Fc, Accounts returns, Annual audit statements etc as per the guidelines prescribed by the Government time to time.
  15. Tax deduction at source (TDS) where applicable, within Government rules is followed.