READ foundation has initiated mapping of Women home based workers stitching shoes in their homes in Ambur, Thriupaththur, Vaniyampadi, Gudiyatham and Thuthippattu in Vellore district and Pallavaram in Chennai district in 1996.

Also other home based women workers involved in Artificial Gem cutting, Pot makers, thatched roofing weivers women flower joiners and house maids are identified in 250 Panchayat villages in Annavasal, Viralimalai, Pudukkottai, Kunnandaar Kovil, Thirumayam and Thiruvarankulam These women home based women workers are organized under a federation called Home Based Women workers Federation was started in 2004. The women members of various categories are recognized as workers like organized sectors and they get all the Government and Social welfare benefits. Women flower joiners are included in the Tamilnadu welfare board and they get all the Government social welfare assistance schemes.

To form an international forum for Home workers Federation, an international event was organized by READ Foundation at Annavasal in Pudukkottai district. Representatives from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Macedonia, Portugal, Germany, England, Italy, leading Trade Union Leaders and more than five thousand members of the federation have participated in the three day conference. At the end of the event an international federation for home based women works was formed to safe guard the women workers.